Community-based managed care

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Northern Piedmont Community Care provides patient-focused, doctor-driven, and community-based care

The program is administered by the Duke Division of Community Health

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Latest News

Duke Outpatient Clinic Team Wins Workflow Improvement Award at Duke Patient Safety Conference

The team at the Duke Outpatient Clinic (DOC) won in the category of workflow improvement in the poster session at the Duke Patient Safety Conference.

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Community Care of North Carolina Region 10 Unintentional Poisoning Deaths Data for 2008-2012

Report covering 2008-2012 about Unintentional Poisoning Deaths for CCNC Region 10

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Familiar Faces Forum about Frequent ED Use Gets Press Coverage

Press coverage of Familiar Faces forum

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Pharmacy Home Initiative

Provides local networks with additional resources to educate providers about quality and cost effective prescribing strategies.

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Chronic Care Initiative

Focuses on the aged, blind and disabled category of Medicaid recipients.

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