About Us

Northern Piedmont Community Care (NPCC) is the umbrella for two networks: Durham Community Health Network (for Durham county) and Community Care Partners (for Vance, Warren, Person, Franklin and Granville counties). NPCC promotes wellness to strengthen the self-care capacity of its Medicaid members and their families.

With an interdisciplinary staff of professional and paraprofessional providers, NPCC has focused its efforts and energies on the development of community-based care/disease management that supports the integration and collaboration of the various patient delivery systems within the community. The staff of NPCC deliver at-risk social work services, service coordination, access support, education and nutrition counseling.

The case management team includes clinical personnel, social workers and community/lay health workers.

Network Director

Fred Johnson
Telephone: 919-681-4220
Email: johns427@mc.duke.edu

Network Clinical Director

Lawrence H. Greenblatt, MD

Clinical Director

Dr. Thomas Koinis
Telephone: 919-693-3972
Email: koini001@mc.duke.edu

Network Coordinator

Jeaneen Beckham
Telephone: 252-431-6160
Email: jeaneen.beckham@duke.edu

Durham Community Health Network

Network Coordinator

Atalaysha Churchwell
Telephone: 919-613-6533
Email: Atalaysha.Churchwell@duke.edu