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map in videoCCNC in 90 seconds: who we are, what we do, and the problems we solve.
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Mission Statement

To improve the health and quality of life of all North Carolinians by building and supporting better community-based health care delivery systems

Core Principles

The foundation of Northern Piedmont Community Care (NPCC) includes several core principles: implementation of evidence-based practice guidelines; targeted care and population management, physician engagement and buy- in; and, local partnerships and collaborative arrangements with community partners including local hospitals, health departments, mental health providers, and departments of social services.

These local relationships have enabled the networks to develop and implement a community-based chronic care model for the dually-eligible and Medicaid populations that is capable of following and managing individuals across delivery systems and care settings to ensure consistent, coordinated and high-quality care is provided.  

Key Visions

  • We will enhance and support advanced primary care for patients.
  • We will focus on improving quality, value and resources available to the local healthcare system for the benefit of all North Carolinians.
  • We will effectively manage the care provided funded by Medicaid and other public programs to provide the best care at the best value for North Carolinians.
  • We will collaborate effectively with all North Carolina health care providers and serve as a nonproprietary representative of all providers and integrator in our communities.
  • We will provide national leadership in health care reform