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Network Staff

Network Staff

Northern Piedmont Community Care

Administrative Team

  • Fred Johnson, MBA, Network Director
  • Michelle J. Lyn, MBA, MHA, Board Chair
  • Atalaysha Churchwell, MS, LPCA, LCAS-P, Network Coordinator
  • Lawrence Greenblatt, MD, Medical Director
  • Marcelle Fuson, Business Manager
  • Maria Johnson, Finance Manager
  • Tuwana Cash, HR Manager
  • Jeaneen Beckham, Network Coordinator
  • Yolanda Williams, Pharm.D., Network Pharmacist
  • Jennifer Edwards, RN, Operations Coordinator
  • Eva Mihm, MSW, Behavioral Health Coordinator
  • Judy Blalock, Pregnancy Medical Home Coordinator
  • Amy Burroughs, CC4C Coordinator


Northern Piedmont Community Care West - Durham-based Care Management Team

  • Amy L. Burroughs, RN, Tele-Health Nursing Coordinator
  • Maricela Cáceres, Health Education Specialist
  • Eva Mihm, Behavioral Health Program Coordinator
  • Brenda Edwards, RN, BSN, Adult Transitional Care Manager
  • Valerie Jarrett, Project Coordinator, Northern Piedmont Community Care
  • Joan Levitt, RN, CDE, Transitions Coach (CATCH, Care Transitions to the Community and Home)
  • Allison Palmer, LCSW, MSW, ED Care Coordinator
  • Karen Payne, Health Education Specialist
  • Sara Sousa, RN, BSN, MPH, Nurse Care Manager
  • Carolyn Williams, Community Health Worker
  • James Wills, IV, RN, Nurse Care Manager


Northern Piedmont Community Care East -Henderson-based Care Management Tea

Arlen (Penny) Coleman - Community Health Worker
Kerry Daniels - Community Health Worker
Donna Fowler, LPN - CHF initiative nurse/health educator
Karen Miller - Community Health Worker
Angel Wheeler - Community Health Worker

Physician Champions

Lynn Bowlby, MD - Project Lazarus
Lawrence Greenblatt, MD - Project Lazarus; Chronic Care
Phillip Heine, MD - Pregnancy Medical Home
Frank Keefe, PhD - Project Lazarus
Ashwin Patkar, MD - Psychiatry/Behavioral Health 
Sarah Rivelli, MD - Psychiatry/Behavioral Health
Lorraine Sease, MD - Palliative Care
Susan Spratt, MD - Diabetes


Special Initiatives

Judy Blalock, RN, OB - Nurse Coordinator, Pregnancy Medical Home
Cindy Haynes-Morgan - Coordinator, Project Lazarus (chronic pain initiative)