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NC Medicaid Vitamin/Mineral Coverage

NC Medicaid Vitamin/Mineral Coverage

North Carolina (NC) Medicaid Vitamin/Mineral Coverage ended in 2011 with the exception of:

1. SSKI solution (POS)

2. Vitamin B12 injectable (POS & PDP)

3. Iron (IV) (POS & PDP)

4. Vitamin K injectable (POS & PDP)

5. Calcitriol, oral and injectable (both POS, PDP injection only)

                                          POS= point of sale; PDP = physicians drug program

A very frequent issue is Vitamin D replacement, which is not covered except for calcitriol. The typical Vit D Rx is 50,000 IU weekly X 8, which can cost the patient close to $20, less if they shop around (Gurleys quoted the author $8 for Vit D2 50,000 IU #8 in April 2014). Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) is less active than Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) but the former is more widely available in the 50,000 IU dosage.

An alternative to the once weekly is to take 6,000 IU daily for 8 weeks using vitamin D3 (preferable) or D2, then 1500-2000 IU daily. See the guidelines here.

As a reminder, pediatric patients (age<21) can get coverage of vitamins/minerals through EPSDT application