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Project Lazarus: A Project of Community Care of North Carolina

Project Lazarus: A Project of Community Care of North Carolina

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The issue of chronic pain represents a complex interaction between biological, psychological and social variables. While prescription painkillers, especially opioids, can be used effectively in the treatment of chronic pain, when used incorrectly they can be deadly.  Epidemic levels of unintentional deaths by poisoning, particularly from opioids, are having a profound effect across the United States, and even more so in North Carolina’s communities, where death rates exceed the national average. 

Community Care of North Carolina has launched Project Lazarus, designed to improve the medical care received by chronic pain patients, and in the process, to reduce the misuse, abuse and overdose from opioid medications.

Using a community-based approach, Project Lazarus coalition stakeholders include:

  • Project Lazarus
  • The North Carolina Hospital Association
  • The North Carolina College of Emergency Physicians
  • Local hospitals and emergency departments
  • Local health departments
  • Primary care providers
  • Law enforcement and others

 CCNC has developed free Project Lazarus clinical resources to advance chronic pain treatment across North Carolina counties:

  • the Provider Toolkit includes national best practice protocols for safe prescribing of controlled substances;
  • the ED Toolkit to help hospitals implement policies to limit access to narcotics through the ED;
  • and the CCNC Care Manager Toolkit to better manage patients who present with chronic pain.