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Pharmacy Home Initiative

Pharmacy Home Initiative

Pharmacy costs represent one of the greatest areas of increased expense in the Medicaid budget. The Pharmacy Home Initiative provides local networks with additional resources to educate providers about quality and cost effective prescribing strategies.

The Clinical Pharmacist working with NPCC also conducts medication therapy management reviews to assure that patients' medications are both cost-effective and best suited to their health conditions.

Community Care Partners Network Pharmacist

Naomi Ohufbunwa-West, PharmD
Deputy Director
Community Care Partners for Greater Mecklenburg
Cell phone: (704) 512-2463 
Fax: (704) 446-6651

Durham Community Health Network


Yolanda D. Williams, Pharm.D., PhD
Clinical Pharmacist
DukeWELL Clinical Pharmacist
Duke Population Health Management Office
NC Mutual Building Office 370
DUMC 3089, Durham, NC 27710
Office: (919) 613-6655
Cell: (919) 886-8785 
Fax: (919) 613-2374

Pharmacy Program Assistant

Stephanie Yang, BA, CPhT
DukeWELL Lead Pharmacy Technician
Duke Population Health Management Office
Off: (919) 684-7083
Cell: (919) 323-7528
Fax: (919) 613-2374

Haley Mesaros, BA, CPhT
DukeWELL Pharmacy Technician
Duke Population Health Management Office
Off: (919) 613-6312
Cell: (919) 698-3893
Fax: (919) 613-2374